Friday, 27 June 2014

Mini Haul (Primark, H&M & Lily)

As much as I would like to stop shopping.. I really don't think I can (that's a lie I love it!)

I didn't intend to but somehow I managed to go on a mini haul, I only went in to buy some new undies!

H&M bras - £12.99 & Primark bra £7.00.

So I opted for some pretty underwear! The top two are from H&M and the bottom one is from Primark. I loved the colour of all of these and as well as looking very pretty they are all very comfortable too, so a big thumbs up for them!

H&M sweatshirt - £5.99

This gorgeous sweatshirt was such a find! I think its an absolute bargain! I was so happy finding this, I adore unicorn prints and pink is my favourite colour so a win win situation really! 

H&M dress - £14.99

I love love LOVE this gorgeous dress! I have got this for a Festival I have coming up and I plan on wearing it with maybe some ankle boots, oversized sunny s and a nice sun hat. I like it because its plain and it means I can dress it up with jewellery! I love the sides of this dress too (I don't know if there is a specific name for the cut out section on this kind of style of dress?!) It just plain and simple but can be dressed up or down and its a handy item to have in my wardrobe.

Primark - Top £4.99 & shoes £4.00

This top stood out to me and I love the design and the summery colours. Its a proper summer top! I think this will go nicely with some blue skinny jeans! The shoes are very handy, I love the bow style and the price isn't bad either! I have far too many sandals and I just end up buying more and more! Primark's selection of sandals at the moment is very impressive.

Lily - tops £5.00 each.

This gorgeous shop is in the heart of Brighton Laines and I stumbled across it last year. Its absolutely amazing, the prices of their items, the clothes and the girls that work there are extremely helpful and lovely too. I think I could literally buy the whole shop! It has something for everyone.

I picked these two tops just because they stood out to me. I am always saying "Cool Story Bro" to my Sister & Boyfriend so I had to get that and the Star Wars Coffee one is just pure genius!

 "May the froth be with you"

I really REALLY need to stop spending & start saving... now where has my motivation gone?!

What do you think of my mini haul?

Jess xo

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