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Photoshoot and interview - Dumpster Design

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This is a very special post which I have been extremely excited to put together! It includes a photoshoot (modelled by myself) for the gorgeous Daisy, the designer of Dumpster Designs and includes an interview with her too so hope you enjoy.

I was lucky enough to model for Brighton Fashion Week 2013 and this was where I first spotted her amazing designs on the catwalk for the first time (photo below).

About Dumpster Design
"Founded in 2007 Dumpster Design specialises in the design and creation of commissioned couture pieces, made entirely from recycled materials. Inspired to tackle today’s throw-away mentality, Dumpster Design takes an eco-friendly approach to fashion resulting in unconventional and eye-catching bespoke pieces. Each garment is hand crafted and brings new life and beauty to items that might otherwise be thrown away". 

"Producing one off commissions for special occasions, and branded dresses for PR campaigns. Dumpster Design has been featured in Vogue, Marie Clare magazine and been named as 'the one to watch' in the international Radical Designer Awards, held in Monte Carlo".

I was lucky enough to be sent a dress and was told I could create anything I wanted. With an amazing photographer and make up artist and a gorgeous dress I new it would be a shoot to remember. The dress I modelled is called 'Issue One' and it is part of a Ten dress collection created for Mayhem Magazine. Daisy explained to me that this dress took around 2 weeks to construct, the top is made entirely from Mayhem Magazine covers, the bottom of the dress is made from a bespoke pattern created on a computer and then digitally printed onto fabric. I love how unique and beautiful her designs are and how all the materials used have been recycled to create a brand new product - total genius!

I did need some assistance whilst getting the top on but once it was on was actually very comfortable considering its made from paper mache! I added my own shoes which I think tied in well with the outfit. I love this design, the colours and how the top is made from Model Mayhem magazine covers. I think it just looks so amazing! The shoot was so fun to do and we had a lot of fun creating the different images.
I was lucky enough to be able to interview Daisy from Dumpster Designs and she answered a few questions I thought you would all be interested to know.

1. Where do you get most of your inspiration from?

I don’t flip through the fashion mags and get all riled up by a frilly dress or some posh socks. For me, my inspiration comes from mechanics; It’s more like I’ll go to a scrap yard and salivate when I see there is an engine for a tenner! I have three brothers, I would have been beaten up as a kid if I didn't like cars, I have always been fascinated by the intricacy involved with mechanics and the way I design my dresses stems from that.

2. How long roughly does it take to design and make each piece?

Each piece is different and depending on the material used the time spent crafted each dress changes. It can be anything from 1 week – a month!

3. How much can we expect dresses to sell for?

The one off Bespoke orders (prom dresses, wedding dresses etc) start at around £700 and can be made from anything the client wants. We also offer a company collaboration package that starts at £1500 then depending on the needs and requirements of the client the price is tailored to fit.

4. Do you have a favourite fashion designer?

In complete honesty… I don’t know anything about fashion. I don’t know Primark from Prada. I’m sat here answering these questions in a boy’s t-shirt from the kids section of H&M (super cheap – no tax. Hollllaa!) and a pair of my brother’s boxers as shorts. To say I don’t really care would be an understatement. All I do is work in my studio, which means I have to be comfortable. I can find myself in some bizarre positions, balancing so that hot glue doesn't drip down onto any one of my limbs (seriously sometimes I surprise myself with my extreme flexibility and dexterity). Comfy is what works for me and that means boys clothes and a battered pair of converse.

5. What is your favourite part about conceptualizing a design?

As the design of the dress is so dependent on the material, I love seeing the dress come to life whilst building it. I never know what the dress is going to look like until I get stuck in and start working with the material. Slowly building it up to create something amazing.

6. Tell me some of your fashion goals?

To be on Jonathan Ross by the time I’m 23, does that count?

7.What got you started in the industry?

When it comes down to it Dumpster Design was formed because I was (possibly still am) a massive cheapskate. I was 16 and had my prom coming up… everyone was buy £400 dresses and I didn’t have that sort of money so I went into my kitchen and made a dress with what I found under the sink. This
was all very well and good until my friend spilled a drink on me at prom and I was left standing in the middle of the dance floor with my cardboard dress disintegrating around me (I ended up having to go to reception and ask for substantial amount of duck tape). But that’s where it all started, with the attention and interest that one dress generated I knew there was a business to be made.

8. What advice would you give to someone starting out wanting to get into design?

It sounds cliché but just don’t give up. I had so many people tell me ‘no’ when I was first starting out. I even had to quit my degree course (which was fashion?!) because they didn’t like what I was doing. But I carried on and have never looked back.

9.Describe what your typical day to day routine is?

Ok, a normal day will involve:
-Travelling to my Studio
-Getting sticky
-Dress making
-Eating jelly tots
-Hot glue gun burns
-Material deliveries
-Dress deliveries
-Arranging shoots/catwalks
-Naming states of America
-Catch up meeting with my PR manager
-Travelling home
-Annoying my housemate while she cooks dinner

10.Where can readers find out more about you and your work?

Oh so many ways.
Dumpster Design Website: Dumpster Design blog:
Dumpster Twitter: @DumpsterDesign
Dumpster Facebook: Dumpster Design

I have been extremely lucky to be able to work with such an inspirational designer and team and I hope you have enjoyed reading this post as much as I have enjoyed shooting & writing it! Many thanks to all involved.

Jess xoxo

Dress - Dumpster Design
Photographer - Jason Balchin
Model - Myself  - Jessica Burchett (Facebook ) @jessicaburchett (twitter) 
Make up artist  - Ellie Nightingale

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