Wednesday, 17 April 2013

AESOP Fabulous Face Oil

Hey Chicks,

Quick post today on my newest buy! AESOP Fabulous Face Oil.

I read about this in a magazine on one of the beauty pages. Caroline Flack recommended it. I did use Trilogy rose hip oil recently before but I found it way too greasy for my skin which was really unfortunate because it was such a gorgeous product and smelt amazing.
Aesop FF Oil retails at £39.00 which is rather pricey but I managed to sell my trilogy oil as it had hardly been used so I decided to treat myself and see for myself how good it is.
Here is what the website says..
"A daily moisturising botanical oil for normal, dull or congested skin.
Nine carefully selected botanical's deliver exceptional hydrating and fortifying benefits to detoxify, smooth and balance normal or patchy skin, with a non-greasy finish. Suited to all seasons, cities and skin types".

It has a unique smell but you can definitely smell the jasmine in it! It's a very lightweight oil and I really think I am going to get on with this product. I just hope its worth the money and I hope it lasts too.

On MakeUpAlley it is rated 4.5/5.0 so I think overall people are rating it quite high. I used it for the first time last night so I can't comment yet on how good it is but I am really looking forward to using it more and hopefully seeing flawless skin when I look in the mirror!

Has anyone else used this face oil or any other Aesop products?

Jess xoxo

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