Thursday, 14 March 2013

Primark Haul- March 2013

Hey Chicks!

Well my only news is that I have just turned 22! And apart from getting the most gorgeous presents and cards I also got some money and I headed straight to Primark! I have been quite good lately and have tried to stay away from the shops but I thought as it was my birthday I would treat myself and use some of the money I was given. I was quite impressed with Primark on this particular visit, I know when I have been in before it can sometimes be a bit hit and miss but there was plenty of items I could choose from and here are some of the little gems I picked up below, enjoy!

I thought these were super cute, they are easy to wear and statement tee's are very fashionable at the minute  They had a number of colours and variety's only costing £4.00. I would say also maybe go a size down because they are rather baggy otherwise.

You cant really see this dress properly and to be honest this photo doesn't really do it any justice! It's just a plain blue and white striped summer dress. I like the bows on each pocket and love the tan coloured belt too. I love the tan colour at the moment and was given the most gorgeous tan coloured bag for my birthday so this will look lovely with it. I will either wear with leggins or without when the weather finally starts to warm up.

I fell in love with this Gorgeous skirt about a month or so ago when I was in Primark but couldn't find my size so was really lucky to find this little beauty when I went in on Tuesday. This gorgeous print is just so adorable (animal's & trees) I think its very different but extremely wearable and again comes with a gorgeous tan coloured belt.

Ok anyone that knows me knows that I struggle with finding jeans that fit my legs! I need 34 inch leg jeans and I always struggle to find any in this particular size. Topshop is the only other shop where I can buy skinnys in a 34 inch leg. These were a total bargain!!! I got all three pairs for just £26.80!!! The two coloured pairs were in the sale for just £7.90 each and the grey coloured jeans were £11.00. I could not believe my luck when I saw these and snapped them up! I love Primark skinny's, I find their colour lasts a lot longer then others I have had in the past from various other shops.

I also picked up two cute pairs of earrings, they were so cheap (I think both pairs were £1.00 each) and very cheerful, I love Primark jewellery! 

So that's it from my Primark haul, what did you think? Have you found any Primark beauts recently?

Jess xoxo

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