Friday, 22 March 2013

Barry M Hi Shine Gel Effect Nail Polish - Green Berry

Hey Sugars!

Well I am sure by now a lot of people know about the new Barrm M gel effect nail polish. This is my all time favourite nail polish at the moment. There are currently about 13 different colours. As the name suggests "gelly" it has a wet look high gloss colour which resembles gel nails. The colour is bold and the shine is amazing! You can either apply two thick coats but I have various other colours and I had to apply 3 thin coats for them so depends on the colour.

The picture doesn't really do it much justice but the colour is gorgeous. Its even and it lasted 5 days until it chipped. I applied two thick coats and one top coat which seemed to lock it all in place. Considering how expensive some gel nails can be (or shellac) I think this is a very cheap and clever alternative. 

Anyone else tried this polish?

Jess xoxo

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