Saturday, 8 September 2012

So one of my lovely Twitter friends set a challenge to do a Blog post on Hello Kitty (HK)

Rules were to post some Hello Kitty items you own and some you just want. I have found as many HK items as I possibly could from around my house but I definitely have more so I may need to add!

I have LOVED Hello Kitty since I was little really, I think it is mainly down to my love for Cats, I just think she is so cute and although I am 21 I still loveee it!

Below are a few items from my HK collection so far...

This is my new 3D Kawaii Hello Kitty phone case, this was made by a friend on my Facebook pages. She makes the cutest little phone cases around! I love this because it has total BLING as well as having a main HK placed nicely in the middle and a smaller HK in the top left corner. This phone case is definitely Me as I love all things Hk and all things sparkly.

I got this in My stocking last Christmas ^^ Hello Kitty shimmer body powder. I love how this gives a gorgeous golden shimmery glow.

This is just AMAZING, I got this from My lovely Sister at Easter. It is a Hello Kitty Easter egg. Her dress is made out of 100's&1000's and I have to admit I have not eaten her. How can I?! She is just way too cute!

How could I even dream of biting her ear off?! However tempting it may be!

This Hello Kitty beach bag I got from Spain on my holiday with my Boyfriend Luke this Year. They surprisingly had a lot of HK items which I adored! I got this bag and used it all holiday on our many trips to the beach. Unfortunately I am not able to use this as much over in England but I will keep it until My next travels!

This is a Hello Kitty egg holder. My Gorgeous Sister also bought this as a gift for Me. This is just so adorable and now everyone can tell which is my egg cup in the cupboard!

I got my nails done professionally using OPI nail polish and the lady who does my nails showed me some of her stencils she uses on other clients. I had never had nail art done before and when I flicked through the stencils this one immediately (for obvious reasons!) jumped out and I had to get them done.

I chose to have her in silver so she stood out on My pink nails and I would definitely get this done again.

This is just absolutely AWESOME!!!
Luke and I went to Brighton Pier and this little beauty was in one of the machines where there are scissors and you have to line it up so you cut the string. And I could not believe it when she dropped down.

I could not thank Luke enough, HAHA! She is Huge! I was proud carrying her through the streets of Brighton!

And here is a photo of My Hello Kitty Plushie's so far!

The one on the far left Luke won Me from the pier, the next one he bought Me from the Bear Factory, the next one I won on the Pier and the little one on the end Luke bought Me.

I love my collection, even though they take up a lot of room on My Bed!

Next I will do a little post about the Hello Kitty items I wish I had.

Firstly I love this belly bar! I love the pink stud and the dangling Hello Kitty jewelled charm. I am going to start looking online to see if I can pick one up from somewhere.

The next item are these Hello Kitty Vans, I love Vans anyway but I absolutely ADORE these Hello Kitty ones. I love how they are not identical as well!

I love all of these items and I would love each and every single one as well as the Hello Kitty wallpaper!

I think what I am trying to say is I would love a Hello Kitty Room, filled with all things Hello Kitty from floor to ceiling!

This is a... HELLO KITTY WEDDING DRESS! Now if I was to really get Married in this I think a lot of people would be pretty shocked, and to be honest I am into the whole traditional wedding dress but if I lived in a Castle as My Life was a Fairytale then I would not think twice about getting it.

I may even have two weddings, a traditional one and a fairytale one Haha!

Ok... What is not to like about these?! I reckon Luke would rock them and I think I also may do a bit of investigating in how I would get a pair of these bad boys?! I mean come on... What would be so wrong if Men just gave into their Feminine sides and just went out and bought a pair of these?! I rate these... HIGHLY!

Ok I saw this hat and thought, AWWW! This has to be one of the cutest photos ever?! And I know My little Maisie Moo is a black Cat I still reckon she would rock it?! What do you think?!

This is Moo My very own Hello Kitty :)

This Hello Kitty car purely just ROCKS, all I need is to pass My driving test and I am away!

And what else do I need to complete My little Hello Kitty Fairytale...

A Hello Kitty House! This picture is just Perfection.

And that concludes My post for the Hello Kitty Challenge! I hope you liked it.

Are you a Hello Kitty fan?!

Jess xoxo


  1. I remember being so jealous when Luke won you that huge Hello Kitty!! Haha aww, I don't blame you for not eating your chocolate Kitty - she's way too cute. XD Try and keep her forever, muahaha. Moo could most DEFINITELY rock that head piece. >:D

  2. Moo is the cutest!! And I love the Hello Kitty shimmer body powder, egg and nails you have especialy!! I am so happy that you blogged this. Awesome entry Jessie! Ooh I would love my own hello kitty kitchen if I had the chance to decorate it. Your hp cover is so cool. I've also posted my entry. Can't wait to see Kate's & Deb's post too. Hee. PS. I am so sorry about the hello kitty mints. I will search for them still! And if I can find it, you'll still have something from hello kitty. XDD

  3. HAHA I love the boxers, or maybe the man in them ;) I have a Hello Kitty Onsie, it's so warm. My boyfriend hates me in it :P

    I Love your blog!

    Wendy Xoxo

  4. Thanks Wendy, I totally agree there haha! Thank You Hola Bambi ^^ xx