Friday, 28 September 2012

Vintage Floral Nails

Hey Sweets!

Today's post is about my new nail art! I absolutely adore all of the floral nail designs that people have been posting recently but I have always been too scared to give it a go! It stresses me out enough having to paint my right hand and keep it steady, let alone do flowers on them! Anyway I recently saw a post BubzBeauty And I fell in love with her Gorgeous Vintage Floral nail tutorial.
I thought I would go for it and give it a go! Below is the finished article!

I don't think they are perfect, or up to BubzBeauty's standards but it is my first go at floral nails and for that I am proud!Below is a list of nail polish I used:

I used Topshop Yellow (Bees Knees) for the main base colour (2 coats)
I used Barry M (Baby Pink) for the middle of the flowers
I used OPI (Don't Know Beets Me) for the petals
I used NYC (High Line Green) for the stems
I used Barry M (Topcoat, Base coat & Nail Hardener) for the top coat.

All you do is paint your base colour (two coats) and let it dry. Next take your colour you want to use for the middle of the flowers and just do a dot, this does not need to be neat at all, you can choose how many dots you want to use for how many flowers you want per nail. Next get a toothpick (or anything with a sharp point eg cocktail stick) and just swirl about 3-4 lines around the flower middle. Put a dot in the middle of the flower and fill in the gaps as seen on my photo. Next get a new toothpick and just do a green line coming out from the flowers (it really is as easy as that!) and just paint a top coat over the top once it has all dried. SIMPLES!

I think this look would work using various different colours as long as the base coat is fairly light. I think it would be really good to experiment with different colours and looks.

Overall I am in love with this cute and fashionable look and I will be trying out different looks the more I get used to using different tools to paint my nails.

Jess xoxo