Wednesday, 1 August 2012

A sneak peek at my little shopping haul!

Hey! I thought I would let you in on a few of my key items I bought the other day in town. I had a lovely day with My Mum shopping and being "Ladies that lunch" and had a very nice time. I did not spend too much as I am trying to save but below is a snippit of what goodies I got.

This little blouse is from Primark. I like how it goes down further at the back so your able to wear just leggins. I started my new job the other day so wanted to start work in something new! This was a bargain at £8.00. I found they had quite a few quirky little blouses out at the minute.

These have to be the cutest PJ bottoms I have seen in a while! I am in love with them! They were also from Primark at £5.00. I just find them so cute :)

This dress is from New Look and was in the sale, £12.00 and was marked down from £25.00.
I love the design on this dress and how its pretty and random and will go with a lot of things. I just fell in love with this dress.

 I am totally obsessed with nail polishes. I have quite a collection now! I saw the new "Loreal Color Riche" nail varnish advertised and was way too tempted to try them! In Superdrug recently they were doing two for £6.99 (normally £4.99 each!) so I snapped up two Beautiful Summery shades!
305 Dating Coral and 213 Sassy Pink. I also got a cheap ish green colour as I want to start trying out nail art and floral patterns on my nails. This shade is by NYC- 298 High Line Green and this was £1.79.

So that is it! A quick post about my little buys! I can't wait to try out my new dress and nail polishes!

Have you tried the new Loreal polish yet?

Jess xoxo


  1. Such pretty buys, love the Primark blouse and the PJs are adorable! x

    1. Thanks Hun! I love the pj's ^^ xx

  2. awww the pjs are cute indeed... love the dress too, lovely print!! :) x

    1. Hehe I wore the dress earlier and its so comfy! xx