Tuesday, 17 April 2012

No.17 Peep Show Mascara

Hi Girls!

So being part of the "MORE TOP 100" definitely has benefits to it! Aswell as meeting lot's of great girls into the same interests as me and viewing loads of new blogs more recently sent us all two items to try. The first was Batiste dry shampoo and the second was No.17 Peep Show Mascara.

So here it is! I love the Gorgeous pink against the black writing, its such a pretty product. And being totally obsessed and in love with the colour pink its such a "Me" product. Such a cute design.

Now I will show you the brush.

It's got a decent size brush, I would say a lot of the product does get caught in the wand but easily treated by wiping any excess mascara off before applying. I applied two thin coats and the results are below:




You can get this mascara for £6.29 at Boots from HERE and I think for the money it is most definitely worth it.

So MORE Magazine asked the following questions:

Do you like the product?

I do love the product, I think the packaging is Gorgeous, the colour is lovely, and the brush is perfect.

2. Would you use it again?

Yes I most certainly would! I normally use Benefit but this is obviously a much cheaper option and the results are close to my mascara I normally use.

3. Would you recommend to a friend?

I would indeed! I think if any of my friends comments on what mascara I am using I would definitely point them in the right direction and recommend it to them.

4. What is your favourite thing about the No.17 Peep Show Mascara?

My favourite thing would definitely be the design of the product, like I said before it is very "Me" I like the pinkness and the gorgeous lace detail.

Overall I would give this mascara a 8/10.

Have any of you tried this? If so what were your views? :)

Jess xo


  1. Ouuuuu Im going to try this one!!
    Great review!


  2. Thank you :)

    It is a lovely mascara with a decent price