Sunday, 8 April 2012


Hello little Chicks!

Happy Easter <3

This is just a random little post about Easter :)

This has been a tradition since forever where Me and My Family eat boiled eggs and then colour then in afterwards! I OF COURSE copied My egg cup and did Hello Kitty (Not obsessed much?!) but it is surprisingly fun!

Afterwards My Sister and I had a egg hunt... this was meant to stop once I hit 21 and she hit 18 which has happened but it has carried on and I still get as excited as I was when I was a Kid!

I got all this chocolate and also a Munchies egg, a Hello Kitty huge chocolate (which is too cute to eat!) and a Gorgeous top which I *LOVE* :) Happy Girly!

This was followed by a Gorgeous roast dinner :)

Hope everyone has had a lovely Easter.

Jess XO

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