Tuesday, 13 March 2012

My 21st Birthday (:

This post is about My 21st Birthday that was Yesterday, 12th March :)

I have been poorly for a few weeks and I was unable to go shopping on Friday but Saturday I went for a lovely meal with My BF and his family and then Sunday I went bowling with Luke and My family and a few friends which was really nice, but I lost... both games! Haha.

Yesterday (THE BIG DAY!) I met My bestie Lauren to go and get our nails done, we both went matching (of course!) a lovely Orangey colour because it was so Gorgeous and Sunny (18 degrees!).

I then met My Mum and Dad and had a beautiful lunch at My favourite place to eat in the beautiful sun, I even had a lime and soda water (pushing the boat out!)

I had a lovely afternoon sunbathing and seeing other members of my family. I was so lucky and totally spoilt, I got the most amazing gifts so I will post a few of the lovely presents I got :)

This is from My Mum and Dad, I fell in love with this as soon as I saw it, it is big and sparkly and right up my street, it glistens perfectly in the light!

I LOVE these bracelets, I got the pink one from My Sister and the silver one from My Bestie Lauren, they glisten perfectly in the sunlight also!

This suits My style and something very thoughtful indeed, this was also from Lauren she knows what I am like "Queen Of Reem" is not a bad title to hold either!

I got this Gorgeous dress from two friends, it's from Topshop and is so sparkly, they definitely know My taste! It's going to look so stunning when all the lights bounce off it when I go out clubbing!

I got this Gorgeous silver mirror from Links London from My Auntie, Uncle and Cousins and this is a lovely gift to keep, I will probably end up keeping it as a memory keep sake gift rather then using it as I would fear dropping it too much! But it will be such a lovely thing to look back on!

This is another present from Mum and Dad, this made me laugh so much! I have always said that I would like a Chihuahua so that I could carry it around in a pink bag and what did they buy me?! YES A Chihuahua in a pink bag! TOTES AMAZEBALLS! This was so brilliant, and she is so cute! Watch this space, when I have my own place this could be turning into reality haha!

This was one of the presents from My Lukey Luke, it came out yesterday and he new he had to buy Me this, I am totally obsessed... Not just for the Men (shifty eyes!) for the story lines, I am totally hooked! So this got a big smile too when I saw this!

My Family and Luke also got me loads of charms for My Chamilia bracelet, its so so SO Gorgeous, I absolutely adore this bracelet and I only add charms either at Christmas or My Birthday so every charm is special and from someone special.

Anyway as you can see I have been a very lucky girl :)

I also had a big Chinese in the evening as well may I add! That was very Yummy indeed. I also got a chocolate cake... NOM NOM!

Thanks all for a PERFECT Day. I really enjoyed My Birthday. And Saturday We are going laser questing and for drinks so that will be a laugh too!

And I hope you all enjoyed reading My Birthday post (:

Jess xo


  1. Looks like you had an incredible 21st hun :) I'm loving those orange nails and the Chamilia bracelet! :D xx

  2. Ahhh, the Chihuahua is amazing! XD That was so thoughtful :') But they're all brill presents :D A+ POINTS FOR THE TWILIGHT DVD, LUKE! :O I'm glad you had a nice birthday. ^_^
    - Kate, x

  3. Ah looks like so much fun :) Love the nail polish xx

  4. HI :D
    You are so right with your comment :)

    So it was your 21th B Day 8D
    happy happy birthday :3 The food looks delicious :3 yummy yummy ~

  5. LOVE the colour of that polish!

    Over on my blog I am having a Mac lipstick give away, you could win a Mac lipstick in the colour of your choice, I would love for you to enter :o)

    Check it out:



  6. Aww looks like you had an amazing 21st. Happy very belated birthday! :)