Saturday, 4 February 2012

Lynx- Limited Edition ATTRACT FOR HER

So here it is!
The new Lynx, for girls!

I love the look of this, I think the black, pink and white go really well and when I saw this I had to try it!

I paid £2.49, it was originally £2.95.

Lynx ATTRACT also has a for him range, I love that fact that there is a range "for him, and for her" I find that really cute!

I think the smell is quite sweet, I think it smells like Impulse "New York" body spray.

I would say overall I do like this product, but I still prefer spraying Men's Lynx!

What do you think girls?xx


  1. when my boyfriend was purchasing his beauty products from superdrug , wifey behind the counter was trying to sell me this one sooo bad bt i never even thought of smelling it . For first time when I saw this my bf picked it up coz he thought its a new smell for guys tht will attract girls more bt its just pretty in pink haha
    I probably would stick to a normal men too , love the chocolate one mmm

  2. Haha, that's so funny bless him! I glanced at this and to be honest thought it was for men purely because it was in the men section with all the other men's products and deodorants, but the more I spray it now the more I love it!xx

  3. Lynx is one of the top grooming brand in UK. Combining coolly seductive fragrances and packaging with cutting-edge technology to give serious pulling power.