Saturday, 4 February 2012

Barry M Nail Effects Foil Nail Paint Polish- Lilac

I absolutely love this and I am so dissapointed that it was limited edition, I can't seem to find this anymore, I think they are still doing the gold and silver varnish though!

The colour is gorgeous and it seems to just glide right on!
Here is a picture of the product on my nails.

You can either do one "thick ish" coat or stick to two thin coats, I would suggest two thin coats as the formula seems a little thicker than the other Barry M nail polishes.
I would also suggest trying to get the stokes as straight as possible to avoid any visible brush strokes when applying this varnish.

I found this nail polish lasted roughly 3-5 days without chipping, I added a clear shiney coat on top to lock in the nail varnish too.

I absolutely love this and I hope they manage to bring more colours out in this foil effect range.



  1. love that metalic effect x

  2. This looks so pretty :) i'm really keen to try out the foil effect polishes. I love barry m, definitely one of my fave brands for nail polish xx

  3. Its Gorgeous isn't it!
    I totally agree, Barry M is Amazing, def My favourite for nail polish :) xx