Friday, 25 November 2011

My Cute Item Of The Week (Total Bargain STORE Twenty One!)

Hey Beauties,

Ok, so I randomly got a text through to My phone "buy ANY one item and get 50% off"
I totally even forgot I signed up for texts from Store Twenty One as I rarely even shop there!

But I saw this and HAD to buy it.
It was £5.99 so with my text code it knocked it down to £2.99 which I feel is a complete bargain!

This box is a decent size and is actually a jewellery box but it is big enough to hold make up, nail varnish, any types of pretty little things, make up basically anything you want.
The colour is gorgeous and the design is lovely, it even has a little mirror in.

Here it is guys ^^

Its just so PRETTY :)

Let Me know what you all think Girlies <3

Jess xo